Renewable energy a key area in Wales' Natural Resources Policy

September 5, 2017

Welsh Government has published its new Natural Resources Policy (NRP), highlighting renewable energy as a national priority for the management of Wales' natural resources.

The policy sets out three national priorities for the management of Wales' natural resources which will drive delivery across all the government's wellbeing goals to benefit communities and the economy, as well as improving the environment. 

The priorities are:

  • the delivery of nature-based solutions
  • increasing renewable energy and resource efficiency; and
  • taking a place-based approach.

The policy outlines Welsh Government's aim to reach a low-carbon economy that delivers jobs and long-term prosperity. To do this Welsh Government states it will:

  • Use decarbonisation to drive sustainable growth and expand developing markets around renewable energy
  • Maximise the role of renewable generation to deliver secure and affordable low-carbon energy for Wales. Decarbonising the energy sector will contribute to delivery of the Welsh Government's Carbon Budgets
  • Support the delivery of low-carbon energy, through a mix of different technologies and sizes
  • Set ambitious targets for renewable energy generation
  • Invest in skills Wales will need to be competitive in a decarbonising global economy, supporting sustainable growth and innovation
  • Ensure that its consenting and regulatory regimes support the effective deployment of renewable energy technologies.

The full policy is available here.

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