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Advantech Launches IEC-62439-3 Compliant HSR/PRP Expansion Module

Aug 25, 2016

Reliable network communications are critical for smart substation systems. Breakdowns, even within milliseconds, could pose threats to essential power supplies and even personnel safety and, with this in mind, a second edition of IEC-61850 has stipulated very strict zero-time self-recovery for networks in substations. Advantech's newly released ECU-P1524PE expansion module, in line with IEC-62439 protocols, provides a simple way to use High-availability Seamless Redundancy (HSR) and Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) standards without increasing CPU loading or increasing the number of devices in the substation. In this way, the product helps to achieve zero-loss redundancy and zero-time recovery, effectively enhancing network security and application performance.

HSR follows IEC-62439-3 Clause 5 and provides zero-loss redundancy. With a typical ring topology, HSR allows source nodes to duplicate all data frames and send them to destinations in either of two paths, so that it can achieve redundancy without the need to duplicate cables or switches. Thus, HSR is currently considered to be the most effective redundancy method available for wired Ethernet.

PRP follows IEC-62439-3 Clause 4 in providing zero-time recovery. A typical PRP topology is a double star, with each node connecting to two separate and parallel LANs. As its network loading will not increase with network scaling, PRP is considered to be an ideal choice for large-scale network requirements.

The ECU-P1524PE expansion module is an excellent match for Advantech's dedicated power automation PCs. It is TUV IEC-61850-3 compliant to complement ECU-4784, UNO-4683 and UNO-4673A and provides a complete network redundancy solution.

It adopts the Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) standard which supports a variety of network interfaces including RJ-45, single and multiple mode optical fiber, so substation architects can choose SC or ST type connectors depending on antiinterference requirements, or they can choose single or multiple mode depending on transmission distance.

To find out more about the ECU-P1524PE, contact your local Advantech sales representative or visit www.advantech.eu.

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