Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NRC Specifies Further Actions Related to Yucca Mountain Licensing Process

Aug 10, 2017

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has approved further actions related to its review of the Department of Energy's application for authorization to construct a high-level radioactive waste repository at Yucca Mountain in Nevada. These next steps involve information-gathering activities related to the suspended adjudication on the application. These activities will enable efficient, informed decisions in support of executing any further appropriations of funds for the High-Level Waste Program.

Specifically, the Commission directed agency staff to hold a virtual meeting of the Licensing Support Network Advisory Review Panel to provide information to, and gather input from, advisory panel members and the public regarding reconstitution of the Licensing Support Network or a suitable replacement system. The LSN was an online database of nearly 4 million documents supporting the adjudicatory hearing on the Yucca Mountain application. The hearing was suspended in 2011, and the LSN was decommissioned. The documents now reside in a publically available LSN Library in the NRC's ADAMS document system. The agency staff will also gather preliminary information regarding potential hearing venues.

The Commission limited expenditures for the information-gathering activities to $110,000 from the Nuclear Waste Fund. As of June 30, the agency had approximately $634,000 in remaining unobligated Nuclear Waste Fund appropriations.

Since 2013, the Commission has directed the agency staff to complete its Safety Evaluation Report, prepare a supplement to the Department of Energy's Environmental Impact Statement, and preserve the documents from the LSN within ADAMS.

The Commission's Staff Requirements Memorandum, Commission voting records and the staff's proposal (COMSECY-17-0019) are available on the NRC website.

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