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Electric Energy T&D Magazine serves the fields of electric utilities, investor owned, rural and other electric cooperatives, municipal electric utilities, independent power producers, electric contractors, wholesalers and distributors of electric utility equipment, manufacturers, major power consuming industries, consulting engineers, state and federal regulatory agencies and commissions, industry associations, communication companies, oil & gas companies, universities and libraries.

Terry Wildman, Editor-in-Chief
As we motor along through autumn, everything around us seems to be doing just what it always does.
Nicholas Abi-Samra, DNV GL, Senior VP, Electricity Transmission and Distribution, Energy Advisory
We are in conversation with Nicholas Abi-Samra, Senior Vice President, Electricity Transmission and Distribution, Energy Advisory for DNV GL.
Dr. Mladen Kezunovic
Plug-in hybrid vehicles and battery electric vehicles pose a number of challenges for aging power infrastructures, including the potential to accelerate the aging of power transformers.
Nikki S. Heck, P Biol. and Todd Sutherland, P.Eng.
Wildlife, such as small animals and birds, has been a burden to utilities and system reliability for as long as the modern electrical grid has existed.
Dr. Siri Varadan, P.E.
The business case for AMI deployment has often been made palatable to the regulators on the basis of widespread business benefits for the utility and the ratepayer.
Bob Biggs
The 2014 NERC audit season is soon upon us.
Dr. Werner Hopf
Few would argue that the age of Big Data has arrived. The promise of previously unavailable insight and analysis is a driving factor behind the Big Data proliferation, and with good reason.
Jeff Meyers, P.E.
As long as there has been a commercial distribution grid, non-utility-owned distributed generators (DGs) have presented operating challenges.
Bernadette Corpuz, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
The Ontario Power Authority (“OPA”) launched draft rules for the third series in Ontario's Feed-in Tariff Program (“FIT 3.0”) on September 4, 2013.
Doug Westlund, P.Eng.
Cyber-attacks against critical infrastructure sectors in general and the energy sector in particular have escalated at an alarming rate in recent years.
Christine Easterfield
At the heart of every utility is the customer. Not the regulator, not the government, not even necessarily the shareholder – for without a contented customer, shareholder value is hard to sustain.
Brian Bradford
Many industries are beginning to realize the full potential of big data and the role of analytics.

James W. Dow
Prudent vegetation management, as applied to electric power transmission, embodies prudent risk management.
Edward H. Kennedy
Ten years ago an overgrown tree near Cleveland, Ohio started a chain reaction that caused the blackout of 2003, a cascading power failure that caused most of the Northeastern United States and neighboring parts of Canada to lose power.
Dan Zapotok, industrial vegetation management portfolio manager, DuPont Crop Protection
One overgrown tree can interfere with electrical transmission and bring thousands of businesses and homes to a standstill.
Bradley Williams
Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy, almost a year apart, walloped the east coast of the United States like a one-two punch.
Jeff Grosshauser
Disasters of every kind prevail at movie theaters and on TV. Hollywood is skilled at portraying the chaos and life or death drama of disasters of both man-made and natural kinds.
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