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Michael A. Marullo, Editor in Chief
As it turns out, there are actually TWO Smart Grids. The first is the one we all know about – the one where we force smart meters on everyone – and they really hate it and everything about it.
Lee Mazzocchi, Vice President & Chief Procurement Officer (Progress Energy); Rob Caldwell, Vice President, Efficiency & Innovative Technology (Progress Energy); Michael Lewis, Senior Vice President, Energy Delivery (Progress Energy Florida)
Progress Energy: Building on the present. Focusing on the future.
Cindy Boland O’Dwyer, Vice President, DEFG LLC
EcoAlign is a strategic marketing agency focused on energy and the environment. DEFG LLC is a specialized management consulting firm in the energy space.
Edward Fraga, Director of Information Services, City of Glendale Water & Power John O. Wambaugh, Senior Vice President and Joe Tellez, VP of Smart Grid Integration Consulting, UISOL
Municipal utilities – or ‘Munis’ as they are often called – are the hometown power provider for more than two thousand communities across America.
Making Innovation Work for Tomorrow Experience It! Orlando, Florida May 7-10, 2012
Donald King, Senior Supervisor for Electric Operations, Lee County Electric Cooperative
Linemen live for emergency repairs. Along with emergency work, they also love scheduled overtime – the kind of job where they have to replace, for example, a transformer at a large shopping center.
Ray Bariso, Head of Smart Grid Solutions, Telcordia
When the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) named 20 engineering achievements that had the greatest impact on quality of life in the 20th century, electrification ranked No. 1.
Ronnie Bludau, Operations Technology, Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative
In 2010, Texas experienced one of the worst droughts in the state’s history, with very little rainfall and record high temperatures.
Jeff Evans, Executive Consultant, Black & Veatch
Utilities across the nation are in various stages of implementing smart metering solutions.
Ashish Singh, Global Product Management, GridMaven
For nearly a century, U.S. utilities have routinely managed complex energy systems to deliver safe, reliable power. In contrast, utility communication networks have been simpler.
Gregory K. Lawrence, Contributing Editor
Existing and planned electric generation faces important headwinds to profitability and financing given lower electri-city and capacity prices, a slow economy dip in demand, looming “big-ticket” capital expenditures such as environmental regulation compliance, and competition among generators based on fuel sources.
William T. (Tim) Shaw, PhD, CISSP / CIEH / CPT
Welcome to the latest installment of Security Sessions, a regular feature focused on security-related issues, policies and procedures. In prior columns I have discussed some of the various threats to our critical infrastructure automation systems and ways in which exploitable vulnerabilities can be eliminated or at least mitigated.
Matt Dinsmore, Energy and CleanTech Practice Lead Altman Vilandrie & Company
If Smart Grid 1.0 was focused on installing the automated meter reading (AMI) infrastructure, Smart Grid 2.0 is supposed to be all about the products and services that are imagined, developed and marketed to consumers, changing the traditional relationship between utilities and their customers.

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