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Michael A. Marullo, Editor in Chief
I’ve been hearing and reading lately about how the Stimulus – or the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), if you prefer – isn’t working. People are up in arms about the lack of jobs that were promised, and understandably so; hey, no one likes a prolonged recession. And by the same token, the funds earmarked for energy initiatives and Smart Grid projects – nearly $4 billion of the $787 billion ARRA total – don’t seem to setting things on fire yet either.
Carolyn Kinsman, President, Automated Communication Links, Inc.
The quest for Smart Grid has revolutionized the way many of us in this industry view utilities and the way they intend to do business in the future. Being known as one of the most risk-averse industries and very slow to change, Smart Grid and the pace at which it is trying to be adopted makes this a very interesting subject to discuss and analyze.
As part of the federal funding included in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) - often called the Stimulus Bill - the United States government earmarked approximately $3.4 billion to underwrite the installation and deployment of smart technology for the grid.
Ken Grant, OG&E and Matthew Smith, Silver Spring Networks
The ultimate success of a Smart Grid in achieving greater energy efficiency relies on the strength of the partnership between a utility, its customers and its regulators. Although surveys show that the public has positive feelings about Smart Grid technology and is eager to use it, successful implementation requires a comprehensive communications strategy.
Matt Bentke, Chief Operating Officer, Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative
There’s an interesting Smart Grid experiment underway deep in the heart of Texas. Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative, a member-owned utility with over 80,0000 meters across hundreds of miles of Central Texas, has teamed up with Smart Grid software company eMeter and Siemens Energy Inc. to provide its members with the information they need to better manage their power consumption and electric bills.
Victor Jimenez, Pacific Gas & Electric; and Kael Kelly, Varolii
The United States government continues to ramp up its investment in the modernization of our country's energy grid system. The recent federal stimulus package included a $3.4 billion grant to incent private companies, utilities and manufacturers to develop and install technologies that will transform today's grid into a smarter, stronger and more reliable electrical system.
Tony Giroti, CEO, BRIDGE Energy Group, Inc.
As Smart Grid continues to transform the entire power industry, some of the initial focus around Smart Grid and Demand Response (SG & DR) has been in the areas of deploying Smart Meters and reading these through Automated Meter Reading (AMR) and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).
Roland Acra, CEO and Malay Thaker, Vice President of Marketing, Arch Rock Corporation
The AMI industry faces challenges today that were not anticipated even a year ago, when the industry was abuzz with news of smart meter rollouts and talk of pending IPOs. Now Congress has shelved the national energy bill, deeming it too difficult to pass in a mid-term election year, and California's groundbreaking energy legislation (AB 32) is threatened with suspension by a ballot measure, pushing the regulatory impetus for energy efficiency even farther into the future.
Tim Wolf, (former) Senior Director, R.W. Beck – An SAIC Company
In October 2001, Apple's CEO Steve Jobs stood on a stage in blue jeans before an auditorium of invited journalists to unveil Apple's newest product and first foray into consumer electronics, the iPod. The audience was polite but somewhat skeptical at the time, particularly about the $400 initial retail price.
Lisa Ludwig, Vice President – Smart Grid Markets & Applications, Ambient Corporation
Taking a look at the federal grants and stimulus packages, one would be led to believe that "smart grid" equals "smart meter". If only it were that simple. Some utilities are furiously charging forward, installing smart meters and slapping communications devices on poles and transformers of the distribution grid.
Bill Moroney, President & Chief Executive Officer
The Utilities Telecom Council (UTC) is the telecommunications and information technology trade association for electric and gas utilities, water companies, energy companies, and other critical infrastructure companies - including investor-, publicly- and cooperativelyowned - as well as their technology partners - all united in their commitment to ensuring the best, most reliable systems and networks critical to their core businesses and the customers they serve.
William T. (Tim) Shaw, PhD, CISSP
Welcome to Security Sessions, a regular feature focused on security-related issues, policies and technologies. During the last couple of years I've had the opportunity to be involved with several generating plants going through upgrades and expansions and work with the plant, corporate and vendor personnel responsible for handling these various efforts.

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