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By Michael A. Marullo, Contributing Editor
Just about ten years ago I wrote an editorial (for another publication) about utility automation conference timing and venues. The gist of the message was the...
Michael McGrath
Executive Director
Retail Energy Services, Edison Electric Institute
The country’s demand for electricity continues to grow.To supply it, America’s electric utility companies are building more generation and transmission.
David Jardine, Chairman & President, Telvent North America and Larry Stack, President, Telvent Energy
Publisher’s Note: With this first issue of 2007, it is my pleasure to introduce a new feature focused on T&D automation and information technology: The ...
Lee Melville, project engineer, Enspiria Solutions, Inc
Integrating components for substation automation at a handful of substations can be achieved with custom fit solutions for each integration effort. Automation of ...
Grant Gilchrist, P. Eng. & Ron Farquharson, EnerNex
While the IEC 61850 substation communications standard has arrived in Europe and parts of the rest of the world as an “instant hit,” acceptance in North ...
John M. Shaw, EVP of GarrettCom, Inc.
Substation network planners are challenged to:integrate SCADA system connections, remote engineering access and other networking requirements for ...
Emile Nasrallah, P.Eng., Circuit Breaker Specialist, Fouad Brikci, Ph.D., Zensol Automation Inc. Stéphan Perron, Hydro-Québec teacher
Electrical power transmission networks are protected and controlled by medium and high-voltage circuit breakers. Breakers are meant to make and break the...

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