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Cover:Felicity Rainnie, Mexico
By Michael A. Marullo, Contributing Editor
By the time you read this the holiday season should be in full swing and filled with constant reminders about why you should buy this or that from...
By: Tim Kesler, Technical Advisor, Dominion, Michael Hearney, VP Sales and Business Development,
Power Outages In an environment of increasingly longer and more devastating storm seasons, customer service demands placed on utility companies have grown exponentially.
By: Guerry Waters, Chief Technology Officer & Senior Vice President, Marketing and Strategy, SPL WorldGroup
The past year has seen a dramatic change in the metering market. Previously, utilities faced questions about cost-justifying Automated Meter Reading (AMR)—projects that reduced personnel and insurance costs by ...
By: Richard J. MARCEAU Eng., M.Sc.A., Ph.D., F.C.A.E., Abdou-R. SANA Eng., M.Sc.A., Ph.D.;, Donald T. McGILLIS, Eng.
Existing AC transmission systems are operated with three physically distinct systems of conductors referred to as “phases”, where sinusoidal voltages and currents in each are offset with respect to each other to exploit Nicolas Tesla’s ...
By: Steve Roth, Vice President, Marketing, Indus, Inc.
Last week, I took an afternoon off from work to do what we all dread: wait for the cable company. I’d been without Internet service for several days and couldn’t survive another weekend spent offline. I made some lunch and settled in at ...

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