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By Michael A. Marullo, Contributing Editor
When I was growing up in Upstate New York in the 1950s there was a program that came on our (black-and-white) TV on Sunday afternoons called, The Big Picture....
By: Chris Hickman, Cellnet Technology, Inc.
Neil Armstrong named the electrification of the world as of the single biggest engineering accomplishment of the 20th Century...
By: Michael Madrazo founder and President of Detectent.
Energy theft detection has been discussed at all utilities, deployed at many and is a passion to a few. Theft detection in general terms implies that...
By: John McDonald, KEMA & Ali Ipakchi, KEMA
The past decade has seen a rapid advancement of technology supporting transmission and distribution utility engineering and operations. As such...
By: Tom Knutsen, Energy Consultant, Lower Colorado River Authority
Solid-state interval data recorders are the repositories of stories – the stories of the events behind them. We found errors at two metering points in the last year using...
By: Guerry Waters, Chief Technology Officer & Senior Vice President, Marketing and Strategy, SPL WorldGroup
It’s hard to ignore the many advantages reported by leading-edge utilities: better power forecasting, fewer unnecessary truck-rolls, satisfied consumers. Regulators are intrigued by the possibility that residential demand-response programs might reduce the need for new infrastructure...
By: Fouad Brikci, Ph.D., Zensol Automation Inc. & Emile Nasrallah, P.Eng., Circuit Breaker Specialist
In a previous article, we overviewed the circuit breaker maintenance practices presently in application, including a listing of some of the important tests in use, with...
By: John Kullmann, Vice President, Macrosoft, Inc.
Imagine the impact of a large scale power outage … dysfunctional appliances, jammed elevators, darkness….. Life could get chaotic or even come to a standstill. In today’s...

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