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By Michael A. Marullo, Contributing Editor
Like many of the readers of this publication – and our industry in general – I’m part of that huge chunk of the population commonly known as “Baby Boomers” (or simply “Boomers”). I’m proud of what my generation has accomplished. The many things we’ve created over the past half-century...
By: Rick Hollenbaugh, Founder and President of Everest Management Consultants, Inc. & Jerry Ostrander, PMP, Project Management Solutions Inc.
If You Always Do What You Have Always Done, You Will Always Get………….
By: Charles Mozina, Consultant, Beckwith Electric Co., Inc., marketing@beckwithelectric.com
In the previous issue of EE T&D part 1 of the article on Undervotage Load Shedding discussed the investigations of recent blackouts ...
David Phillips, enQuesta consultant, with Systems & Software & George Chauvin, Director of User Interface Design, at Systems and Software
Usability is a frequent buzz word in the utility software industry. Underlying the buzz is the reality that delivering on return on investment (ROI) promises is directly linked to the customer information system’s (CIS) usability factor.
By: Jerry Donovan, Sr. Vice President, Georgia Transmission Corporation
There is a shortage of high-voltage transmission lines in the United States, and demand is expected to grow at least 20 percent in the next decade. Yet selection of transmission line routes is a growing source of public controversy and regulatory scrutiny throughout the world.

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