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By: Francis Bradley, Vice-President, Canadian Electricity Association
The Canadian Electricity Association has recently published a practical and educational handbook on the various generation options available in Canada.
By Michael A. Marullo, Contributing Editor
In another few months the August 2003 blackout will celebrate its third anniversary. It seems hard to believe it’s been almost three years already, doesn’t it?
By: Rick Hollenbaugh, founder and President of Everest Management Consultants, Inc. & Bob Champagne, CEO of ePerformance Group International, LLC
Using your Utility Vegetation Management assets to drive targeted improvements to system reliability ...
By: Ron Wallace, MRO Software, Director, Industry Marketing – Utilities
Utility companies face a triple threat of aging assets, an aging workforce and legacy IT systems. The solution to these threats is a triple antidote of ...
By: Fouad Brikci, Ph.D., Zensol Automation Inc. & Emile Nasrallah, P.Eng., Circuit Breaker Specialist
This article is the first in a series of articles that will help to bring light to the maintenance practices presently applied to power circuit breakers.
By: Jeff Golarz, Product Manager, Serveron Corp.
In a sense, a new era in Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) has arrived. And not too soon; as so much of this understanding has been more of an art ...
By: Charles Mozina, Consultant, Beckwith Electric Co., Inc., marketing@beckwithelectric.com
This article discusses why voltage as well as frequency load shedding may be necessary to prevent major system blackouts. It is the first of two articles ...
By: Sharon Walsh, Product Line Manager, Energy/Oil and Gas Industry, FISO Technologies Inc.
Reliability in the electric power industry formerly came from the ability to plan power systems with significant redundancy. Increasing competition ...
By: Charles W. Newton, Newton-Evans Research Company, Inc., Ellicott City, Maryland
North American electric power utilities account for more than one quarter of the world total for spending related to substation automation and ...
By: - Alain Riedo, General Manager, Maxwell Technologies SA; - Matthias Stammbach, Sales & Marketing Director, HV-Capacitors; - Etienne Savary, Core Design Director, HV-Capacitors
HV capacitors are key components in circuit breakers and voltage transformers, used in the transport and distribution of electrical energy ...

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