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Francis Bradley, Vice-President, Canadian Electricity Association, bradley@canelect.ca
Improving environmental management and performance across the industry and nurturing a healthy environment are the main ideas behind the Environmental Commitment and Responsibility (ECR) Program...
By Michael A. Marullo, Contributing Editor
Well, it’s a new year; a good time to break away from old ways and try something new. Sometimes, however, trying new things can be a little intimidating.
By Dwight Allen, Deloitte Research
What do the next five years hold for the North American electricity industry? For many industry executives, the answer is straightforward.
By Edward Beroset
Advances in metering technology over the past three decades have made today’s AMR systems economically viable for utilities to use.
By: Edmund P. Finamore, President, ValuTech Solutions
In addition to securing the network, securing access to SCADA system components will provide a further defense layer.
By: Bill Zorn, Electronic Data Systems (EDS) Energy Industry Executive
“Energy efficiency” is the latest buzz phrase since the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPACT) was signed in August.
By Steve Metcalf, Business Development Manager, Hunt Power
Since its inception, electrical production has driven new technologies, and entire industries have sprung from our nation’s abundant supply of reliable and relatively inexpensive power.

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