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Francis Bradley, Vice-President, Canadian Electricity Association, bradley@canelect.ca
This past summer, 50 million people in Ontario and the midwest and northeast United States remembered the historical electricity blackout that left them without power.
Robert W. McMichael, Jr. Ph.D., Datamatic Ltd.
Due to the hard work of a group of dedicated individuals in the ANSI C12.17 working groups, a set of five standards for data communications with Commercial and Industrial metering devices have been developed.
Jeffrey R. Jowett Megger®
In its common form, grounding is typically thought of as no more than a rod driven into the earth in order to provide a safe diversion of lightning strokes.
Benton Wilcoxon, Chairman & CEO, Composite Technology Corporation
On August 14, 2003, the world was once again reminded about the importance of electricity as a blackout struck the northeast United States and eastern Canada.
Richard E. Brown, KEMA
IN THE PAST, the distribution aspects of electric utilities were part of vertically integrated monopolies responsible for generation, transmission, distribution, and customer service.
Jean Mahseredjian – HQ IREQ, Sébastien Dennetière – HQ IREQ, Omar Saad – TransÉnergie Technologies, Bahram Khodabakhchian – TransÉnergie Technologies
Combined with the powerful graphical user interface (GUI) EMTPWorks, EMTP-RV—the new restructured version of the well-known electromagnetic transient program EMTP—sets a higher level of capabilities in the simulation of large-scale electrical networks.
William T. Shaw, Cyber SECurity Consulting
In the aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy, and with the ever-growing threat of "cyber terrorism", a very important question has arisen concerning the vulnerability of the computer-based,
Greg Wolven, Director of Engineering for WIN Energy REMC
WIN Energy – based in Vincennes, Indiana – is a 16,000 member rural electric cooperative operated by 42 employees working out of three different offices and covering approximately 2,500 miles of distribution lines.

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