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Cover:Edison Electric Institute
Francis Bradley, Vice-President, Canadian Electricity Association, bradley@canelect.ca
It’s not often that a large number of disparate organizations agree on the fundamentals, but such is the case in the Canadian energy sector.
James Fama, Executive Director, Energy Delivery Group, Edison Electric Institute
Last summer’s Northeast blackout may have faded from the public’s memory, but the power industry remains steadfast in its commitment to strengthening the nation’s transmission system.
Damir Novosel, President and General Manager , T&D Consulting at KEMA
The North American blackout of August 14, 2003 has compelled the utility industry, government regulators and general public to ask the same question:
Janine King, National Accounts Manager, Document Imaging Solutions, Inc.
The ever-evolving North American corporate culture is demanding organizations to become more efficient through time savings, monetary savings, decreasing future hiring requirements, and recognizing an immediate return on investment in order to justifying capital expenditures.
Linda K. Rader
“Persistence is the key to achieving any goal,” said Catherine Hughes, president of Schlumberger Canada, Ltd.
Max Degerfalt and Graham Herriman, ABB Inc. Canada
The Conventional Solution The substations in the electrical power system have undergone considerable developments through the use of modern primary apparatus, the use of microprocessors in the secondary equipment and the improved speed and capacity of communication to and within the substation.
Pedro Cavaleiro, Co-responsible for the Engineering Department, Quintas & Quintas - Condutores Eléctricos S.A.
The calculation of the short circuit capacity for the conductors and screens of power cables is based upon the popular adiabatic method.
Brian Owenson, Vice President – Solution Management, SPL WorldGroup
The search continues for a definitive “smoking gun” responsible for the Northeast’s blackout last year.
Judie Rice, General Manager, A.F. White Ltd.
Transformer oil is a mineral based oil that is commonly used in transformers for its chemical properties and dielectric strength.
Kimmo Kauhaniemi, Lauri Kumpulainen, Paul Buchanan University of Vaasa, Finland, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Manitoba HVDC Research Centre
This article is based on power system simulation studies carried out by VTT Processes of Finland (a division of VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland that conducts research in the area of bioenergy and distributed energy), and the University of Vaasa.

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