C&M Crewman I or II

Organization: UniSource Energy Gas
Location: Flagstaff, Arizona, United States
End of contest: Aug 16, 2017
 This job posting has expired
Type (Full time / Part time): Full time
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Job Summary and Responsibilities:

Under immediate supervision of Construction and Maintenance Foreman, performs equipment operation and physical labor tasks required in general gas distribution construction/maintenance work. Performs miscellaneous duties including painting meters and regulators, cutting and cleaning brush/weeds from around work areas, assist Foreman and other crews with related duties as assigned. Ability to understand and carry out instructions furnished in written, oral, or diagram form. Perform other duties as assigned by Supervisor.


Job Requirements:  

  1. Uses pick, shovel and digging bar in the process of gas main and service line installation and maintenance.
  2. Operates excavation equipment relating to construction and maintenance of gas distribution system.
  3. Locates and repairs leaks on gas distribution system.
  4. Must regularly load and unload materials and equipment to and from crew truck.
  5. Maintains truck inventory so that materials are on hand for construction and maintenance activities.
  6. Paints meter sets, regulator stations, city gates, etc. as needed.
  7. Operates jackhammer and compactor on a regular basis.
  8. Maintains equipment and machinery (greasing, oil and filter changes, light bulbs, general cleaning, etc.)
  9. Assists in leak investigations/pinpointing leaks using probe bar and Combustible Gas Indicator.
  10. Locates mains and services using a Metro-Tech pipe locator or similar equipment.
  11. Performs various C & M tasks such as priming and wrapping of steel pipe, installation of tracer wire on non-steel systems ( P.E., PVC, etc.)
  12. Operate company vehicle as required.
  13. All work will be done according to company safety standards.
  14. At times must work in a blowing gas environment using SCBA equipment.

Additional Requirements:

High school diploma or equivalent. Must possess a valid AZ Drivers license. Must obtain a CDL within 6 months of employment. Ability to lift a minimum of 95 pounds. Must be able to endure strenuous work in all types of weather conditions. This job requires some after hours and weekend call-out duties. The incumbent may be required to perform an operational, maintenance and/or emergency function. Such function may be in a safety sensitive role during the course of the calendar year and might include receiving and acting upon product release calls. Each employee who may be required to perform an operation, maintenance, or emergency-response function on a pipeline and/or pipeline facility shall be subject to pre-employment drug testing and then be placed in the company's DOT random testing pool and subject to all phases of DOT testing. This requirement will remain in force even if the employee performing the "covered functions" and/or "safety-sensitive functions" could/would only perform this function one a week, month, or even once a year.


UniSource Energy Gas
1710 N Mastick Way
Arizona United States