Director, Valuation and Commercial Business (4485)

Organization: PacifiCorp
Location: Portland, Oregon, United States
End of contest: April 5, 2017
 This job posting has expired
Type (Full time / Part time): Full Time
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Provide leadership and strategic direction for a team of commercial business specialists and financial analysts specializing in valuing assets and commercial opportunities. Responsible for evaluation and execution of strategic renewable development and acquisition opportunities, renewable energy credit transactions, and other commodities identified in PacifiCorp’s energy risk management policy. Manage qualifying facility regulatory policy, contract negotiation, execution, and avoided cost pricing activities. Support regulatory filings by developing and sponsoring testimony related to valuation and commercial business activities.

- Provide leadership and oversight in the evaluation and execution of renewable development and acquisition opportunities. - Develop business objectives, policies, and plans that support renewable resource strategic goals. - Manage the company’s renewable energy credit position consistent with state regulatory goals and state renewable portfolio standard compliance strategies. - Implement qualifying facility obligations, consistent with state-specific requirements and internal procedures. - Direct development and implementation of valuation methods and strategies most appropriate for a broad range of assets and commercial opportunities that considers customer impacts, cost recovery, and risk. - Create and ensure department compliance with procedures designed to maintain valuation modeling tools, maintain modeling data, ensure quality control, and promote consistent reporting methods. - Represent the company when interfacing with commercial counterparties, state regulatory commissions, and other state regulatory stakeholder groups. - Prepare testimony and represent the company as an expert witness on matters related to valuation and commercial business activities. - Work closely with senior management and other departments to prioritize efforts in support of organizational objectives. - Manage and allocate financial and employee resources within approved budgets. - Responsible for selecting, coaching, and developing employees in accordance with company talent management and succession planning processes.


• Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Engineering, Accounting, Economics, Finance, or an equivalent combination of education and experience. • A minimum of ten years of energy related experience. • A minimum of five years of direct people management experience. • Demonstrated strong initiative and leadership skills. • Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate complex valuation concepts, methods, and results to a wide range of audiences. • Knowledge of the utility business and industry practices. • Understanding of production cost dispatch models, spreadsheet-based financial analysis models, revenue requirement, and net power costs. • Management skills including the ability to establish objectives, execute policy, and monitor resources. • Leadership and teamwork skills to negotiate with and influence peers and management on policy and strategic issues. • Communication and interpersonal skills including the ability to manage and motivate employees, use oral and written communication to create a vision, communicate strategy, and effectively interface with internal and external leaders. • Familiarity with applicable federal, state, local laws, and regulations.

Preferred Qualifications:

• Advanced degree. • Understanding of the company’s system, including resources, transmission system, primary fuel, and system dispatch drivers. • Knowledge of the company’s strategic pan, as well as company policies, procedures, and practices.

Salary & Benefits

$120,400.00 - $156,900.00 annually + 30% AIP

Full Medical and Dental

401K Matching


825 NE Multnomah Street
Portland Oregon
United States 97232

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