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EPRI Renews Agreement with Korea Electric Power Corporation at BIXPO 2017 Electric Power Conference in South Korea

November 7, 2017

The Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) signed a new three-year agreement with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) for participation in research and development programs. The agreement, which was signed at a conference in Gwangiu, South Korea, will enable KEPCO to have access to programs throughout EPRI's portfolio of research.

The agreement spans a wide area of research in the industry including collaboration in areas such as power delivery, energy utilization, grid resiliency, cyber security, nuclear generation and safety, among others.

"EPRI and KEPCO have benefited from working together on key industry research, and we look forward to our continued engagement," said EPRI President and Chief Executive Officer Michael Howard. "KEPCO's contributions to our research programs are vital to EPRI's international engagement and there will be many opportunities to continue this relationship in advancing an Integrated Energy Network."

"The extension of this agreement will allow KEPCO and EPRI to continue advancing research in the industry that can have a positive and global impact on electric generation and use," said Dr. Dong-Sub Kim, KEPCO Chief Technology Officer. "KEPCO is pleased extend our working relationship with EPRI to solve the challenges of the electric industry."

The signing took place during KEPCO's third annual BIXPO conference, which brings together energy industry professionals, thought leaders, research institutes, and entrepreneurs to discuss the latest technologies and trends in the electric power industry. The event attracts more than 60,000 participants and 600 exhibitors.

During BIXPO 2017, EPRI co-hosted the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Forum, a collaboration and dialogue with CTOs from global electric utilities. EPRI also participated in the BIXPO exhibition with a demonstration of digital worker augmented reality equipment that can be used in the field to overlay information during inspections and assessments.

BIXPO 2017 concludes November 3, 2017.

About EPRI:

The Electric Power Research Institute, Inc. (EPRI, www.epri.com) conducts research and development relating to the generation, delivery and use of electricity for the benefit of the public. An independent, nonprofit organization, EPRI brings together its scientists and engineers as well as experts from academia and industry to help address challenges in electricity, including reliability, efficiency, affordability, health, safety and the environment. EPRI's members represent approximately 90 percent of the electricity generated and delivered in the United States, and international participation extends to more than 30 countries. EPRI's principal offices and laboratories are located in Palo Alto, Calif.; Charlotte, N.Car.; Knoxville, Tenn.; and Lenox, Mass.

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