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Xcel Energy picks Midwest Reliability Organization for compliance enforcement in Texas-New Mexico

September 8, 2017

With the planned dissolution of a regional standards compliance group that oversees electric reliability standards for several utilities in the south central U.S., Xcel Energy has recommended that its Texas-New Mexico operating company - Southwestern Public Service Co. - select the Midwest Reliability Organization, or MRO, as its new compliance authority.

Currently Xcel Energy's Texas-New Mexico grid reliability is coordinated by the Southwest Power Pool Regional Entity, also known as the SPP RE. The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) and the SPP RE agreed earlier this summer that the SPP RE will dissolve on Dec. 31, 2018. At the time of the announcement, NERC directed all affected entities to indicate their preference of another authority by Oct. 31 of this year. Currently eight compliance enforcement authorities are delegated to enforce compliance with NERC standards. NERC is a nonprofit organization that assures the reliability and security of the bulk power system across the continental U.S., Canada and a portion of Mexico.

Xcel Energy's operating companies currently operate under the oversight of three compliance authorities - MRO for Northern States Power Co., Western Electric Coordinating Council (WECC) for Public Service Company of Colorado and the SPP RE for Southwestern Public Service. Xcel Energy has worked with MRO since 2007, and through the NERC's Coordinated Oversight program, MRO has also been Xcel Energy's Lead Regional Entity since 2015, allowing MRO to coordinate all compliance activities in conjunction with the other compliance enforcement authorities.

"Xcel Energy views this consolidation as an opportunity to streamline processes toward compliance and reliability and ultimately save our customers money," said David Hudson, president, Xcel Energy - New Mexico, Texas. "With the approval of the NERC Board of Trustees and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Xcel Energy looks forward to an expanded partnership with MRO lasting well into the future."

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