November 19, 2017

105 Power Cut Line Celebrates First Anniversary

September 7, 2017

Northern Powergrid, the company responsible for keeping the lights on for 8 million customers across the North East, Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire, is celebrating the first anniversary of the national power cut line, 105.

The service, which has been used more than 80,000 times by Northern Powergrid customers since it launched on the 6 September 2016, puts people straight through to their local electricity network operator.  The service directly route calls helping avoid potential confusion or people contacting the wrong organisation when they want to speak with their local network operator or if they have a power cut and need information.

Last year's launch came after figures revealed that 72% of people didn't know who to contact if they had a power cut, with a further 43% indicating that they would incorrectly call their electricity supplier, who they pay their bill to, when in fact they should contact their local electricity network operator.

Siobhan Barton, Head of Stakeholder Relations at Northern Powergrid, said: "Investment in our network means power cuts aren't a regular occurrence for the vast majority of people, meaning if the lights go out people may not know who to call. The 105 power cut number provides a simple, memorable number for customers to call to contact us.

"Since the launch, last September, we've received 83,000 calls via 105, that's 40 per cent of our total call volumes and we've seen a marked improvement in customer satisfaction, in relation to how easy it is to contact us. 

"The 105 number complements our successful online power cut map and 24 hour social media services which all help keep our customers informed if they have a power cut. 

"As the number becomes increasingly familiar as the way to contact your local network operator, we expect more people to simply use the number as the way to us for a range of enquiries including reporting safety issues and even getting a new connection to our network."

More information about 105 and electricity network operators can be found at The 105 website also provides direct links and details of how to contact network operators online and via social media to get information and updates about a power cut.

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