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O&R Eying New Energy Savings, Grid Support Opportunities, Including Energy Efficiency, Storage, Alternative Power Sources

September 6, 2017

Orange and Rockland (O&R) wants to help customers in specific parts of its Monsey service area to take advantage of innovative ways to reduce the amount of electricity they need from the grid.

The company is asking prospective business partners to provide proposals on how they can help customers in parts of Monsey to install solar panels, fuel cells, energy efficient equipment, batteries and other distributed energy resources.

O&R will take the best ideas and consider incentives for business and residential customers who are willing to participate.

"For more than a century, the standard utility solution to the growing need for power has been to build more infrastructure," said O&R Vice President - Operations Francis W. Peverly. But newer technologies give us another option. We can work with customers to help them manage their usage, get renewable energy and reduce their monthly bills."

The reduction in the demand for electricity those technologies can provide lets O&R defer construction of a multi-million dollar substation upgrade a cost that would be borne by customers. It is an approach that saves money for customers, helps O&R maintain reliable service and reduces emission from power plants.

The company's new initiative seeks innovative energy solutions within the Monsey substation service area in Rockland County, N.Y., where increasing demand is expected to exceed the substation's capacity within the next few years.

Rather than adding infrastructure, O&R wants to reduce the need for power in these areas by a combined total of about 2.5 to 3 megawatts.

O&R has identified other areas where the company can work with customers to reduce their need for grid power and plans releasing additional requests for proposals.

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