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Vermont Governor, Renewable Energy Leaders Lead Cross-Border Climate, Energy Collaboration & Economic Development Mission

September 5, 2017

Leaders from Vermont's clean energy sector joined Governor Phil Scott on an economic development and climate collaboration mission this week  (8/31) as part of the annual New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers conference held in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

"With 6% of our workforce employed in the clean energy sector, Vermont offers tremendous talent, innovative products, and deep experience to help other states and countries deploy renewable energy, energy efficiency, and climate solutions," said Olivia Campbell Andersen, Renewable Energy Vermont Executive Director. "REV appreciates the Governors and Premiers continued commitment to economic growth through renewable energy and climate solutions."

Renewable Energy Vermont members Brookfield Renewables, Draker Energy, Northern Power Systems, TDI, Utopus/VELCO, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation, and VHB were invited to share Vermont ingenuity and lessons learned. The trade mission is among the first in many collaborations between Vermont's clean energy leaders and Canadian delegations.

The theme of collaboration also featured prominently in remarks from Chandu Visweswariah, CEO of Utopus Insights. He described Vermont's "digital energy platform" built through a unique, forward-leaning, utility-software-company partnership that will enable customer-focused "orchestration" of renewable energy supplies, storage, electric vehicles and demand. This collaboration is an example of a win-win initiative in which Vermont has created the most clean energy jobs per capita in the U.S., improved grid reliability and lowered costs for customers. He ended by inviting all in the audience to come to "Governor Phil Scott's great state of Vermont to see it in action."

The annual NEGECP conference serves as an opportunity for the New England states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont as well as the Canadian provinces New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Quebec to foster cooperation on shared challenges and economic opportunities.

A recent report from the Columbia Institute shows that mitigating climate change offers strong economic stimulus for the Canadian economy. Vermont's climate economy has seen growth uncontested by any other sector in the state, with employment growing 28% in the clean energy trades since 2014.

"We are proud to have built strong cross-border relationships with Canadian partners, beginning almost a decade ago when we installed our first clean energy wind turbine in Newfoundland," said Ciel R. Caldwell, Northern Power Systems President and COO. "Since then we've worked closely with partners and developers on solutions for microgrids and remote power applications, as well as energy storage systems. In addition, half of our incoming freight and nearly 100% of our manufacturing exports travel through the Port of Montreal."

In recent months Governor Phil Scott has been adamant that any action to mitigate climate change must grow the Vermont economy. Judging by the resolutions passed this week (8/31) it appears that his peers from New England and Canada think it is possible to do just that.

Three resolutions were signed during the Governor's visit to Prince Edward Island, concerning trade integration and the benefits of cross-border trade, regional climate change action, and response to emergencies in a changing climate.

Building on the success of this week's trade mission, numerous Quebecois companies and representatives will attend Renewable Energy Vermont's upcoming annual Conference & Expo in Burlington, VT.

"I'm looking forward to strengthening and developing new relationships with energy developers, utilities, and investors initiating projects in the northeastern United States where VHB can provide strategically-focused engineering design, environmental assessment, and permitting services" noted Jeff Nelson, VHB's Vermont Director of Energy and Environmental Services. "VHB appreciated connecting with thought leaders in the energy sector to discuss emerging trends, the strength of the market, opportunities for innovation and more at the 41st Annual Conference of New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers and looks forward to continuing the conversation at REV2017."

Special time has been set aside during the 17th Annual REV Conference to foster relationships between Quebecois and Vermont businesses which will allow the region to continue to lead in energy innovation.

More information about REV2017 on October 2nd and 3rd, including the Quebec-Vermont Networking Breakfast, can be found at www.revconference.org.

About Renewable Energy Vermont:
Renewable Energy Vermont represents businesses, non-profits, utilities, and individuals committed to reducing our reliance on dirty fossil fuels by increasing clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency in Vermont. Vermont's clean energy economy directly enables at least 19,080 jobs at 3,751 businesses, representing approximately 6% of Vermont's workforce. Together, we will achieve 90% total renewable energy (electric, thermal, transportation) before 2050. For more information, visit www.revermont.org.

About BlueNRGY Group
Established in 1989, BlueNRGY Group Limited is a leader in engineered solutions for the management of distributed power generation and climate control/energy efficiency systems. Its data collection and management solutions, provided by its Draker Corp subsidiary and partner Inaccess, are deployed worldwide and are relied upon by system owners, financial institutions, utilities, government bodies and component manufacturers to deliver mission-critical information. As a global leader in delivery of best-in-class technology, the BlueNRGY companies have designed and installed the combined solar generation capacity exceeding 6GW at more than 4,000 sites distributed across six continents. For more information, visit www.drakerenergy.com

About Northern Power Systems
Northern Power Systems designs, manufactures, and installs wind turbines, power converters, and energy storage systems, while also providing engineering development services and technology licenses for energy applications across the global marketplace. For more information, visit www.northernpower.com

About TDI
TDI New England ("TDI-NE") is a subsidiary of Blackstone, a global leader in alternative asset management. TDI-NE is developing The New England Clean Power Link, a proposed 150 mile underwater and underground transmission line that would deliver 1,000 MW of clean, cost-competitive, energy to the New England market. For more information, visit http://www.necplink.com/

About Utopus
Utopus Insights is a leading analytics solution provider for sustainable, reliable and affordable energy. Utopus Insights was launched with investment from Vermont Electric Power Company (VELCO), IBM and Boston Consulting Group (BCG). VELCO is also a strategic partner and won the 2016 REV Renewable Energy Innovator Award for software forecasting and orchestration tools co-created with Utopus Insights. For more information, visit www.utopusinsights.com

About VHB
VHB has provided siting services to the energy sector in the eastern U.S., from our South Burlington, Vermont and 23 other east coast office locations, for more than 20 years and has the skills and experience to provide our clients with comprehensive, integrated solutions that help build energy sources for the future while minimizing impacts to the environment. Our in-depth knowledge of the regulatory environment in the geographies we practice in, and latest energy policies and trends provides an expedited approach to the successful completion of energy development projects, including generation, transmission and storage. Together, we work to improve mobility, enhance communities and economic vitality, and balance development and infrastructure needs with environmental stewardship. We're a team 1,300 strong eager to deliver value by embracing our clients' goals, anticipating challenges, building lasting partnerships, and always providing an exceptional experience. For more information, visit www.vhb.com

About VEIC
Founded in 1986, VEIC is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to reducing the economic and environmental costs of energy use. Through our comprehensive sustainable energy utilities and implementation and consulting services, we work with utilities, government agencies, and foundations in the design and delivery of energy efficiency and renewable energy services. Our primary programs are Efficiency Vermont, the DC Sustainable Energy Utility and American Municipal Power's Efficiency Smart program. For more information, visit www.veic.org

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