November 19, 2017

EM Rolls Out New Requirements to Further Improve Project Management Rigor

September 5, 2017

EM is moving forward with a new policy of project management requirements intended to further enhance the management and rigor of cleanup work across the complex.

The new policy, set to fully go into effect in October, intends to ensure program priorities, available resources, and contracting approaches effectively integrate to meet mission needs and achieve success. The site manager or the EM Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary will "authorize" the accomplishment of work through a set of key decisions to ensure line management support. 

Under the new policy, when EM begins planning for a new or follow-on contract, the site manager will decide the proposed term of the contract. The site team will pull that "segment" of work from the site's Lifecycle Cost Baseline. Typically, a segment will be five to 10 years in length and will be accomplished via one contract. The accomplishment of a segment will be conducted through a new Key Decision (KD) process:

  • KD-0: Develop the Segment's Objective and Key Performance Measures (KPMS);
  • KD-1: Authorize Segment Requirements;
  • KD-2: Authorize Segment Execution; and
  • KD-3: Authorize Segment Closeout.

Success for a segment will be defined as the completion of the Key Performance Measures within 110 percent of the approved segment baseline cost as adjusted for directed changes and approved contract changes. To track performance and allow for early identification of issues, periodic progress status briefings and programmatic peer reviews will be conducted for each segment. 

The new policy is meant to further strengthen EM's management of so-called operational activities, including facility operations, environmental remediation, waste management and facility deactivation and decommissioning activities, which represent the bulk of EM's total work scope. Also, the new policy applies to the entire EM portfolio, with line-item construction projects and certain work activities considered as capital asset projects continuing to be governed by DOE Order 413.3B, Program and Project Management for the Acquisition of Capital Assets.

"We expect further improvements in our ability to plan, execute and track performance of operational activities to ensure that work is conducted in an efficient, timely and cost-effective manner," Acting EM Assistant Secretary Jim Owendoff said.

The new policy is the first action to originate from EM's recently completed 45-day program review, which intends to help identify opportunities for improvement for timely action and improve the effectiveness of the EM program. 

"Through continuous improvement efforts such as this, I believe our organization will continue to deliver outstanding results," Owendoff said.

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