Latest data on Consolidated Segmental Statements, Supplier Cost Index and standard variable tariffs

September 5, 2017

Ofgem has published complete annual data1 on the profit margins from the six large energy suppliers' Consolidated Segmental Statements2 which Ofgem requires them to submit. This data includes a breakdown in pounds of the different components which made up an average household energy bill for these suppliers for 20163.

Ofgem has also published its latest data on standard variable tariffs and its quarterly Supplier Cost Index, which tracks suppliers' costs. All this data can be found on the retail section of Ofgem's data portal alongside our other updated retail market and customer service indicators.


  1. Previous data published on 3/7/2017 excluded SSE, which has a different reporting period
  2. See Consolidated Segmental Statements for background
  3. Except for SSE which has provided data for financial year 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017

About Ofgem

Ofgem is the independent energy regulator for Great Britain. Its priority is to make a positive difference for consumers by promoting competition in the energy markets and regulating networks.

For facts, figures and information about Ofgem's work, see Energy facts and figures or visit the Ofgem Data Portal.

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