Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas
170 Electric Cooperative Members Win LED Light Kits
Approximately 3,724 watts of energy reduction potential

Aug 14, 2017

Approximately 15,000 entries were received in the 10th Annual Energy Efficiency Makeover Contest and 170 lucky electric cooperative members from the states' 17 local electric distribution cooperatives are winners of LED lighting retrofit kits.

Winning members will receive 72 General Electric energy-efficient LED general purpose, recessed, outdoor flood and decorative candelabra bulbs. The energy savings potential when replacing older inefficient incandescent bulbs could result in a 3,724-watt reduction for their home. General Electric has partnered with the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas in eight of the past 10 contests.

"In the past decade, we have completed seven whole-home energy efficiency makeovers including a manufactured home, 34 mini-makeovers, and we are distributing 12,240 LED bulbs throughout Arkansas," said Bret Curry, manager of residential energy marketing for the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas. "This year's contest entries exceeded our expectations and is a reminder that energy efficiency education, manageable electric bills and a comfortable home are still important to our cooperative members."

Curry said that switching one inefficient bulb to an LED may seem insignificant, yet the total statewide energy savings of the makeover educational project has the potential to reduce energy consumption by approximately 633 kilowatts.

"That's enough to supply the power requirements of hundreds of homes," Curry said.

Images of winners will be posted at www. facebook.com/smartenergytips.org.

The Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas comprise 17 electric distribution cooperatives; Arkansas Electric Cooperatives, Inc. (AECI), a Little Rock-based cooperative that provides services to the distribution cooperatives; and Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corp. (AECC), a generation and transmission cooperative. The distribution cooperatives provide electricity to approximately 500,000 homes, farms and businesses in Arkansas and surrounding states.

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