Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NRC Names New Senior Resident Inspector for Construction at Vogtle Nuclear Site

Aug 10, 2017

Nuclear Regulatory Commission officials in Atlanta have named Brian Kemker as the agency's senior resident inspector for construction at Southern Nuclear Operating Co.'s Vogtle nuclear plant Units 3 & 4, under construction near Waynesboro, Ga., about 26 miles southeast of Augusta.

Kemker joined the NRC in January 1998 as the resident inspector at Byron Nuclear Station in Illinois. In 2001, he served as the acting senior resident inspector for the Millstone plant in Connecticut, and later had assignments as the senior resident inspector at the Cook nuclear plant in in Michigan and the Clinton plant in Illinois. Before accepting the position at the Vogtle site, he was the senior resident inspector at the Fermi plant in Michigan.

Before the NRC, Kemker served as a commissioned officer in the U. S. Navy, where he was assigned tours of duty aboard two nuclear-powered submarines. He later served in various positions at the Fast Flux Test Facility in Hanford, Wash., including operations engineer, refueling engineer, and test engineer. He later joined the Electric Boat Corporation where he worked on the design of the Virginia Class submarine nuclear reactor plant.

Kemker received a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Physics from Purdue University in Indiana in 1984.

"Brian Kemker has the background and dedication to help ensure that construction at the Vogtle site is completed according to NRC regulations," said NRC Region II Administrator Cathy Haney.

NRC resident inspectors are assigned to each U.S. commercial nuclear plant. They serve as the agency's eyes and ears at the facility, conducting inspections, monitoring major work projects and interacting with plant workers and the public. Resident inspectors can serve at one site for up to seven years. The Vogtle plant has NRC resident inspectors for the two operating units and another group of inspectors for the two units under construction.

The NRC construction resident inspectors at the Vogtle site can be reached at 706-437-2541.

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