Hawaiian Electric Industries, Inc.
HEI Reports Second Quarter 2017 Earnings

Aug 9, 2017

Hawaiian Electric Industries, Inc. (HEI) (NYSE - HE) today (8/3) reported consolidated net income for common stock for the second quarter of 2017 of $38.7 million and diluted earnings per share (EPS) of $0.36 compared to $44.1 million and EPS of $0.41 for the second quarter of 2016.  Second quarter 2016 core earnings1 and core EPS1 were $46.9 million and $0.43, respectively.

"Our utilities continue to bring more renewable resources online, strengthen our energy delivery networks to make them more reliable and resilient and promote sustainable communities.  We are encouraged by our regulators' acceptance of our Power Supply Improvement Plan, which describes the near-term steps to move Hawaii closer to its 100 percent renewable energy goal.  At American Savings Bank, we continued to deliver strong performance through the second quarter with higher returns from improving credit quality, higher yields and greater efficiency while maintaining healthy capital levels," said Constance H. Lau, HEI president and chief executive officer.

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Hawaiian Electric Industries, Inc. (HEI)

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