Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NRC Issues Confirmatory Action Letter to Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant on Safety Performance Improvement Commitments

Aug 8, 2017

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has issued a Confirmatory Action Letter documenting actions committed to by Entergy in response to safety performance concerns identified at the Pilgrim nuclear power plant, in Plymouth, Mass.

The letter points out that if the actions described are effectively implemented, Pilgrim's performance deficiencies will be substantially addressed. The NRC will independently validate the progress being achieved through quarterly follow-up inspections.

Entergy, the plant's owner and operator, has submitted a recovery plan to the NRC that details planned performance improvement activities. The plan responds to a series of earlier NRC inspections and reviews carried out after the plant came under heightened oversight in 2015.

Issuance of the letter does not preclude the NRC from taking additional steps, including the issuance of orders or enforcement actions for any violations of agency requirements that are found in subsequent inspections.

Entergy must notify the NRC in writing upon completion of all the actions addressed in the letter. In addition, the company is required to notify the agency if it cannot complete the actions within the specified schedule or if there are any changes or deviations.

Pilgrim began receiving heightened NRC oversight in September 2015 after transitioning to Column 4 of the agency's Action Matrix, which dictates the level of scrutiny at plants

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