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February 7, 2017

On 31 October 2016, the Gas business was certified in accordance with the International Asset Management standards in ISO 55001:2014 - which creates value for society as a whole. The certificate was handed over by Lloyd's Register yesterday (1/16).

As the owner of infrastructure which is of critical importance to society, Energinet.dk has a special obligation to manage its asset portfolio, so we meet the expectations of our stakeholders and the requirements to us for the efficient use of resources and maintaining security of supply. And we have succeeded, conclude the auditors from Lloyd's Register, who have certified Energinet.dk.

"I'm very happy that we are now Asset Management-certified. Our employees have performed remarkably throughout the project. And it doesn't stop here. Asset management is all about optimising something to create value, so it's still early days for the process," says Torben Brabo, Senior Vice President, Gas, at Energinet.dk, adding:

"At Energinet.dk, we are constantly working to be better at giving priority to our maintenance and reinvestment initiatives. We do this based on a methodical assessment of asset condition and criticality. We strive to balance the risks with operational and financial considerations, and, of course, while taking into account the output we have to deliver. In this way, we ensure that we can focus our efforts where it creates most value."

Value creation can take place in Energinet.dk, but also at Energinet.dk's customers and partners. Different partners have different needs and possibilities for value creation. Therefore, as part of asset management, Energinet.dk systematically studies the needs of all its partners, and involves them in the business development.

Energinet.dk wants its work with asset management to create financial transparency, support the electricity and gas market and promote new technologies, among other things with a view to supporting the transition to a green energy system.

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